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About the possibilities of going to the nature

Finland is sparcely populated and there are lots of forests which one can visit. And since we live in the north and the cool and cold weathers prevent dangerous animals from living here, and since the wolves and bears have been hunted to a small population, visiting forests is safe. In other countires it is not the same in most, since there is more population, less nature, more dangerous animals and no custom of everybody visiting a forest. But if you are intriguided by the idea of the beauty and peace of nature, it would be good to find a way to enjoy them at least somewhat. Gardens, trees, parks, meadows, sea and shores, even flowers on the window offer a touch with the nature. So do scenic spots, views out of a bus window where there is green, farming and nature reserves. In a way it does not matter how big spot of nature you have, you could even enjoy trying an insect's or bird's view of the near environment which is often beautiful and magnifient. On the other hand, the more the environment allows you to drown into enjoying the nature, without sight of build things or human foot-print spoiled things, the more profound your experience of peace, harmony, health and fracturelessness is, the more profound your touch with the ages old healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life, the more refreshing your experience is, the more it gives energy and serves as a holiday.
Another question is safety. Generally there are three types of safe places: ones with so many people that it has been taken care that there is safe, ones with nobody and no dangerous animals either and thirdly places which do not tend to have any danger. Parks have lotrs of people, but odd times may be dangerous Places where people live but where there are trees, for example on the sides of the roads and yards, may have atranquil atmosphere, one of nature's peace and harmony some time (in the summer time?) when it is daytime but a quiet moment or a few quiet moments. Some scenic routes offer harmony and beauty even if there go cars by quite often, if just the views are with a fascination: there a tiny flower by the roadside, there the shelter of trees, there a view over the shore to a lake, there a bench with a view, shelter and a comfortable atrmosphere. One can also visit forest patches that are not so much wandered on, if one goes to different places, in different times, often with company and a car of one's own. By the sides of garden area's roads there is often tall grass with flowers, butterflies etc, a world of it's own, very summer like, kind of an ideal of love. And even in the winter time there is the weather, the feeling of the elements with trees living their ages old way of life.

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5. of July 2016
From th text about the seasons
"The beauty of nature is partly a question of a way of looking. One should be interested in the multitude and richness of forms and colours, of the atmosphere of plants' growth whne looked among other things along the way they have grown, the magnifient moments of bird's flight, treen looked from near, the nature from the point of view of an insect or bird where even a small branch or grass can be biggest factors of the living environment, the atmosphere of the time of tha day with it's birdsong, light coming through the leaves to a mist, how one always finds new variations slightly different details full of feeling and atmospheric for example in pine's surface and it's thick branches, in the beauty of a forest lanscape viá trees, the different atmosphere of each type of lants etc."

Also safety when one happens to meet people in lonely places is important. One question in it is paying attention to other people's sense of space: what is their home, what near environment, which are the common roads for all to travel, do they enjoy solitude or want to exchange a couple of words about the beauty of nature, etc. Another point in that is allowing people socially room to live in: plus links from there.

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13. of July 2017   About wandering in the nature without getting lost
If one is fascinated by the beauty of nature and looks around a lot and remembers what the individual trees, rocks etc are like one isn't likely to get lost. But one must look a lot at landscapes and pay attention to landforms like where is hig and where low and wher forest, a road, strand etc as one big landscape like map like view where one can notice how a path goes from one place to another. Often there are many paths, not in sight from further away. So one needs to pay attention to the landscape one wanders in and not just to the path. Unite these landscapes in your mind to one single map like view of the district that you have travelled through. See where compared to big landmarks you are at each moment. Even a short walk can be very beautiful and rewarding. Lake shores are often the most beautiful but also often full of cottages, so that one cannot travel along them.In Finland one is allowed to wander in forests but not to go near houses, so cottages have to be avoided whne wandering in the nature.

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